Another Day, Another Endo Visit

Two months flew by, and it was time for another visit to the Endocrinologist to check how things were ticking.

I’ve been on the LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat) diet for just over 3 weeks now. And whilst the weight isn’t exactly dropping off like there’s no tomorrow, other things have definitely improved. And just walking into the office, my Endo’s receptionist greeted me with my latest HbA1c results and a congratulations and a wide smile.

Glucose Trends 2016 - 27116_Page_3

Last year in November my levels were at 11.4, after a few weeks of LCHF, my detox drink  (which I add 3-5 taps of cayenne pepper to) and 40-60 mins of exercise each day (one 20-30 minute set in the morning first thing, and one about 5-6pm in the evening), and my levels taken on Monday, 25th January were at 8.8.

Both the receptionist (Janice) and my Endo (Dr Hill) were really pleased with and for me. I explained to Dr Hill what I’d been doing, and he was more than happy with my approach, and encouraged me to keep going.

Having had my daily tests getting below 10 consistently, we may even reduce my diamicron soon, and hopefully further down the track, reduce the metformin too.

Glucose Trends 2016 - 27116_Page_1

That 10.1 anomaly is the night I had my carb binge. I ordered a garlic pizza (added mushroom and chicken), the dessert sampler (churros, dutch pancakes and brownies) and a box of chips from Dominos. I ate the sides plus 5/8 slices of pizza in one sitting – after already having consumed around 1700 calories for the day (I know, disgusting), and yet, somehow still managed to have a minor increase in my sugar levels.

And on that side note, that pizza so wasn’t worth it. Dominos put way too much topping/cheese on their pizzas now, so that the base is soggy and unloved and it’s just not even nice. I have to say though, the dutch panckes still make my world, I don’t care. The chips were a little too salty (and I’m the queen of added salt!). The whole affair really wasn’t satisfying. I knew it was all a mental thing. I wanted it, I was obsessing over it, but when I got it, I forced it into my mouth and hated myself for it. I gained 0.5kg for it (which really is pretty good for the caloric intake), and my fat percentage went up .1%.

Speaking caloric intake, it blew my mind when I plugged it into MyFitnessPal…..

  Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Dominos – Large Oven Baked Chips, 1 box 350g 703 113 22 12 1,820 1
Dominos Sampler Dessert Pack – 12 Mini Dutch Pancakes, 10 Donut Bites, 3 Choc Fudge, Choc Dipping Sauce, 1 container (12 ,3,1s ea.) 3,219 0 0 0 0 0
Dominos – Garlic Pizza, 0.63 Pizza 717 94 25 26 1,396 8
4,639 207 47 38 3,216 8

Pretty surprising. I mean I knew it wasn’t going to be like 100 calories, but particularly that dessert sampler (I couldn’t find the one with the churros, so just put in the donut bites one, but similar sort of food really – both types of donuts). I think too because with the sampler it is small looking portions inside the box, you just don’t think it’ll be that big of a calorie count, but boy did it shock me seeing that.

Glucose Trends 2016 - 27116_Page_2

So the next visit isn’t for 3 months, and if I keep going how I am, I’ll be reducing meds, and hopefully will have lost kilos. Surprisingly, I’d only gained 4kgs since my last visit (pre Christmas), which considering the pizza incident and Christmas, is actually not too bad. And the Endo was understanding about that and was fine given everything else I’m doing.

Onwards & downwards!


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